Collection: Custom Orders

Print your own T-Shirts and other Apparel, on items of your choice. Contact us for quotes and instructions. In general, send us a PNG to and we can work on your Customs designs for everything from Greeting Cards, Mugs and Tapestries to Hoodies, Hats and Prints. Let's get Started!

1. Get your graphics in a suitable resolution=up to 300 dpi

2. Send your graphics to and specifications about what       you would like to print on, in detail.

3. Business=We can order a sample if you are doing a batch. You can also order directly off this page when your design is ready. 

4. You can leave your design on the page and allow your potential clients to access it from there, until you are ready to take over the print contract or have your own Printify account etc. If you design some items and you want to see how they fly, you can refer them to this Custom Orders page, like a landing page for your products, for free. Actually free, for once. So get involved, test your products here. No investment. Just send Graphics ready and spend your time setting up your art and online business! So much to learn!


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